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Lots and Burial Fees (as of Dec 8, 2017)

Purchase of a lot*

 $500 to $700 (depending on location)

Burial Fees**

Casket Burial   # 720      
Cremains Burial   # 325      

Vault Storage***

For burial at Bayside :  $200.00

For burial elsewhere :  $300.00


For information about concurrent pet burials, consult these instructions

                    * Suitable for a single burial. Includes fee for perpetual care and four marble corner posts; Download sample deed

                    ** includes labor charges for opening and closing the burial and New York State vandalism coverage. We require one weekday of decent weather to prepare the ground.

                    # Cost depends on ground conditions. Ice and snow will require the use of more expensive machinery. A deposit may be required.

                    *** form available from sexton