A Rural Cemetery

Bayside is a fine example of a "rural cemetery" in Northern New York. A "rural cemetery" is a particular design and a product of a certain era in American history. For more on how Bayside arose in that era, visit "The Beginnings."

Bayside Cemetery is outside of town, but to be a "rural" cemetery means more than that: it has been carefully designed as a landscaped, park-like setting. 

Bayside’s founders introduced  natural features such as hills, water, and trees to merge with the cultural features of winding roads, tombstones, and memorials. The resulting landscape of restful beauty communicated to visitors and the bereaved that death was natural, and invited them to leave the bustle of the village street and return to this place often to reconnect with past family and friends, to contemplate nature, and to reflect on spiritual matters.

The straight tree-lined allee that visitors follow to enter the burial grounds is intended as a transition from the bustle of daily life (the paved county road) to the more spiritual matters of nature, time, and family on the burial grounds. For more on the tree-lined entry road, click here.

  • Historic Bayside Photos

    Historic Bayside Cemetery images, shot by Charles Frederick (C.F.) Rogers, son of 1902-1939 sexton Frederick W. Rogers, have been donated by Lisa Huntington, granddaughter of C. F. Rogers.

  • The Pines Urn Garden

    The new Pines Urn Garden was built and partially landscaped in summer 2020.

  • Bayside in the News

    The Watertown Daily Times recently featured an article on Bayside's Fall 2020 Donor Appeal and updates on the cemetery.

  • Bayside President on Radio

    Listen to Bayside Cemetery Association President John Omohundro update the community on the latest at the cemetery as well as our fall fundraising campaign in a  B99-3 Radio interview.

  • Town of Potsdam Searchable Cemetery Database

    The Town of Potsdam has a searchable database for burials in 17 cemeteries, including Bayside.

  • Roadside Marker

    We won a grant in fall 2019 from the Pomeroy Foundation to purchase a roadside historical marker indicating that Bayside is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • A Wedding

    In October 2019, Bayside was the site of the Shirtz wedding, on a lovely blue windless day with autumn color in the trees and on the ground. It had been many years since we hosted a wedding, if ever.

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