(as of June 1, 2021)

Lots in Secs. A, B, and H #15-28: $900 per plot

Lots in Sec. G (a group of 32 lots surrounding #73 flush memorials only): $500 per plot

All other lots: $750 per plot

Interment of adult casket: $900

Interment of infant casket: $525

Interment of one set of adult cremains in a lot: $400    

One set of infant cremains: $300

Interment of two sets of cremains in one urn in one lot: $500

Right of Second Interment of cremains, in a lot with prior cremains or a casket: $350

Placement of cremains in a niche in a memorial on a lot: $100 per individual


Bayside Constitution and Rules & Regulations