Visit Bayside

Visiting Bayside Cemetery

Throughout its 150-year history, Bayside Cemetery has been open to the public for appropriate recreation.

You are invited to drive through on the surfaced roads, although in snowy or muddy conditions the entry may be closed. Still, at all seasons you are invited to walk in. Dog walkers are welcome. Photographers and birdwatchers visit.

As an active burial ground, Bayside is a sacred and ceremonial site. Visitors are asked to show
respect by their actions. Please observe these rules.

  • 5 mph speed limit throughout the grounds
  • Drive only on paved or gravel roads
  • Park along the causeway inside the gates
  • Leash your pets and clean up after them
  • No fires or alcohol
  • No fishing or boat launching
  • Carry out all litter

A brochure with map and description of the cemetery is available here.